FORTITUDE of broken willow sprouting new shoots:


FORTITUDE of cracked apple tree trunk bearing fruit:


LOVE gives us fortitude. Hold hands. We are not alone. When injustice sears and burns, when fear feeds hatred, where do we take heart?


Take heart in the young, innocent Halloween trick-or-treaters who came to the door dressed as princesses, witches, spiderman, and dinosaurs. I remember the ones most who looked up with sparkling eyes and smiled and said to me  after I handed them Reeses peanut butter cups.–“Thank you. And how are you?”

Take heart in nature always. Breathe deep. Be outside. Marvel in the panorama of clouds promenading across the Grande Ronde Valley:


Startle to full wakefulness when the pheasant flushes from the hawthorne shrubs. Touch the splintery wood of a jackleg fence above Ladd Marsh.


Open fully to the beauty. Find fortitude like the the broken willow sprouting new limbs and the unpruned, unbowed old apple tree bearing fruit. Take heart from each other. Love is our strength. We can stand up to injustice. We can keep going. We will ….VOTE. We will….care for our precious public lands. We will find the joy in every wondrous moment of this day.

(Today’s Blog scrawled on a piece of paper above Ladd Marsh on Foothills Road, La Grande, Oregon, after a contemplative afternoon run –pausing along the way to take photos when the sun broke through the storm clouds).