After two chihuahuas squeezed under our fence today and ran around our front yard pursued by our very curious labrador Pepper, I thought it was time to send this poem out to the world.

Note about the poem:  All stanzas not in italics are actual emergency notices in our local Nextdoor social network that came into my email as urgent alerts.


Tiny chihuahua
running breakneck speed
up Apache toward Baker.
Won’t stop for anything.
He’s so small

Dogs on the loose
Won’t stop for anything

Two husky mixes
running down Baker
near Shoshone.
One silver and white,
one brown, tan and white.

Running down Baker
Wild and in trouble

Chocolate brown short haired pup
with a cut off tail
wandering around
Baker and Lakeview

Maybe a bit scared
The one with the cut-off tail

One large black lab
smaller brown puppy
loose on Cinder Butte.
Wouldn’t let me get close

Loose on Cinder Butte
Catch me if you can

Last night I noticed
that I have a
black and white duck
hanging out
on my back and front patio.

What? A duck?


The rest of the duck saga goes like this, from Nextdoor (names omitted, except for one):

Person One: Is it possible that is a wild duck? Is it injured? Maybe call the Sunriver Nature Center and see if they can care for it. Maybe the humane society could help. I would take it if it was summer, as my property backs up to the canal.

Person two: I believe it is a Muscovy duck, not a wild duck.

Person one: Who knew?!

Person three: This duck is now on my porch. I live on Shoshone Road. Is anyone missing a duck?

Person four: Feed it and if no one claims today call humane Society

Person three: I will get it something to eat before I leave for work.

Person five:  This is our duck! Anyone still have her around?

Person three: So glad you are on here Akacia! It has been cruising around. Your duck started out for a couple of days at my friend Ian’s house!

Person five (Akacia): Thanks! We work during the day but can try and track her down in the evening. It’s been hard keeping them penned in during the day with the high snow.

Person three: After she left my house, I saw her on a snow berm on Shoshone Road. When I drove by she took off flying. I really hope you find her soon.

Person one: The duck is across the street from my house on Shoshone Road. If I had Akacia’s phone number I could give her a call.

Person five (Akacia):  Are you before the big bend? Ok we are in front of your place now
We got her! Thanks everyone!

Person one: Oh good!! I am glad she is home safe.