Kingfisher Journey- Marina Richie

The kingfisher is the halcyon bird and my muse. I often write stories of reciprocity with nature. To follow my blog via email and/or Wordpress, sign up here (right column below). Thank you.

About Marina Richie

I am a freelance writer based in Bend, Oregon. I  write about the natural world in a myriad of ways, from this personal blog to magazine articles, interpretive panels, blogs, media, reports, opinion pieces, websites, essays, poetry, and books. My master’s degree is in Journalism from University of Montana (1988 thesis: Troubled Waters, Threatened Forests: Hells Canyon National Recreation Area) and undergraduate in Biology from University of Oregon. Stay tuned for Spring 2021 when Oregon State University Press will publish my book: Halcyon Bird: In Search of the Belted Kingfisher

Contact me at Phone: (406)370-7556,  Twitter: @kingfisherquest

Download my resume.


For a sampling of my passion for kingfishers, read my published article in Birdwatching, Mysteries of the Kingfisher’s Belt.

Check out my children’s books: Bird Feats and Bug Feats.

Interpretive panel for the Myakka Canopy Walkway for the TREE FoundationClient: Meg Lowman. A project with graphic designer Maja Smith.

For 2021: Visit my News Page

2020 highlights


  • Sloth Panel for Meg Lowman (Canopy Meg!) of TreeFoundation.
  • Interpretive panels for Willapa National Wildlife Refuge, Bandon Marsh NWR, and a tabletop exhibit for the Oregon Coast refuges.
  • BeaverWorks Oregon –joined the team as a storyteller.
  • Writing for National Wildlife Federation’s Climate Team.
  • Releasing Hope into the World: Big Bald Banding Station, Birdwatching Magazine, May/June, 2020.
  • City Kingfisher, Post Road Magazine, March, 2020.
  • Parting Thought, Essay on my father, David Richie, published in Winter 2020 A.T. Journeys.
  • I presented on kingfishers to an enthusiastic audience at Wild Rivers Night in Bend, Oregon (Feb. 22).
  • Blog republished by Dixi Books: Finding the Spiral in Chacala

2019 highlights

River Otters Love Clean Water
Sonoma County Regional Parks Project for Sea Ranch trailheads on the California Coast View them here.

From 2016-2018, I led a project and wrote text for 66 interpretive signs with a focus on seabirds for the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge at 24 locations along the Oregon coast, mostly within Oregon State Parks. Download my portfolio.

From 2016 to 2017, I wrote about bird-friendly yards for Audubon and for Birdwatching Magazine, and continue to have a passion for that subject. The year of 2015-2016 marked my gypsy naturalist explorations, living out of my truck/camper that initiated this blog that I continue to enjoy writing.

From 2011 to 2015, I served as communications director for the Sage Grouse Initiative.

Last but not least, I’m proud to serve on the Board of Directors for Greater Hells Canyon Council.

SAMPLE MORE OF MY WORK HERE AND ON THE NEWS PAGE. (Note that some of my work appears under my given name of Deborah Richie)

After writing a conservation article about saving wild Asian elephants, I became inspired to bring Elephant Friendly Tea to Oregon.

Montana Arboretum interpretive panels (with designer Maja Smith).

Overturning 150 Years of Science: UM Lichen Discovery Rocks the Research World (Vision Magazine)

Antarctic Sea Spiders in Research View

Here I am hiking up to the summit of Eagle Cap in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. I am on the Board of Directors of Greater Hells Canyon Council:dedicated to protecting the wilds of this grand ecosystem.
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